Svetlana Cordeiro

“On day 75, you will not only love your fitter, leaner
and stronger body, but you will have a better relationship with food and exercise”

Hysen Rebello

“POP is such a blessing for the
program here in Dubai with meal plans and free group training perfectly provided”

Henry Shepperd

"Hello Abs. Nice to finally meet you"

Lydia van Haasen

"The challenges, exercises and delicious healthy balanced meal plan has brought me to a place where I am mentally and physically at my best” 

Enrico Froehnel

“From the person who was shy to walk on the beach topless, I now want to go to the
beach every day”

Nicky Dawasuwan

“Thank God POP is able to deliver the SPR meal plan. I couldn’t be more happier with
POP’s service and attention to detail”

Oneida Correa

“I fit into my clothes from college
and have not stopped shopping”

Anthony Kirkham

"Ever since I started my journey on the SPR, I have loved every minute of it. To be able to visualize the changes in my body weekly was rewarding, and proof that the program was working"  

Nazli Alizadeh

"Never thought I'd feel this sexy again after 2 kids. SPR, what a game changer"